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All log furniture, especially rustic, are subject to the natural process of “checking”. Checking occurs when moisture is released during the drying process and adds to the character and rustic look of our products. This is just the result of the wood seasoning and is not any indication of damage nor does it affect the structural integrity of the log piece.

We dry all of our wood logs for months to ensure that 99% of all “checking” is already done before it is used to build the log furniture. It does not impact the durability or safety of our logs and all our logs are stress tested before they enter production to ensure they will hold up to the test of weight of time. Not every manufacturer does this testing, but we do this to ensure our products durability and safety.

Checking mainly occurs on the surface of the wood and can even extend to running the full length of the log, or can be just very slight slivers. The extent of the checking varies as each log and each piece is unique. This checking is completely normal and again our logs are stress tested after the checking has already occurred to ensure durability and safety. All of our pieces are covered by a lifetime limited warranty (with the exception of The Rustic Arts Collection which has a 5 year limited warranty) covering structural defects or aesthetic damage due to the manufacturer. If you have any questions or concerns about our log furniture please do not hesitate to call or email us.



Finish Options


Poly Finish Example
Water-based polyurethane that creates a protective shine to an already unique piece. *note, all Aspen product tops are triple coated in poly for protection against scratches


Wax Finish Example
Hand rubbed Beeswax/Linseed Oil creates a matte, natural soft appeal to any piece.

Bronze Aspen:

Bronze Aspen Finish Example
Darker, richer wood tone with a proprietary blend that goes well with many décor styles *additional up-charge applies

Golden Poly:

Golden Poly Finish Example
Hand rubbed Beeswax/Linseed Oil followed by water-based polyurethane creates an enhanced glossy shine that glows

Custom Finish:

We love custom work
Options available upon request. Contact us by calling 866-689-6637 or contract us via our contact us form

Extra Gnarly Option

If you love the gnarly, knotty character of our most prized aspen wood, you may want to choose the Extra Gnarly Upgrade. In order to create these pieces, our wood suppliers comb the Rocky Mountain forests for trees that have grown and weathered in a particular way. This type of wood is rare, and when we create an Extra Gnarly piece of furniture, you know it is totally one of a kind! This extra-cost upgrade is available on most of our aspen Mountain Woods log furniture pieces, and may require additional construction time as each piece is custom created.  

Extra Gnarly Examples:

Extra Gnarly Example 1 Extra Gnarly Example 2


Extra Gnarly Example 3


Extra Gnarly Example 4 Extra Gnarly Example 5


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Imagine sleeping peacefully in your nature-themed bedroom as you wrap yourself in the warmth of our aspen log furniture. Each unique handcrafted bed is meticulously joined with mortise and tenon construction, hand sanded, then rubbed with beeswax and linseed oil for a durable natural finish.

All Mountain Woods Furniture rustic log beds feature double side rails for solid support. If you wish to make a statement about where you sleep, try one of our four-poster or canopy beds. These are available in queen or king sizes and you will feel like pampered royalty as you doze away on one of these natural beauties!

Complete your dream bedroom—or your kids’ bunkhouse—by selecting from our wide variety of dressers, chests,nightstands and armoires. You can order an armoire designed for your clothing, or hide your TV and electronics when not in use in one of these beautiful bedroom rustic log furniture pieces.

Underdresser options are available for all bed sizes and styles to provide you with much-needed storage. Complete your rustic bedroom look and feel with our wide range of lamps and accessories.

Here are samples of our many beautiful bedroom furniture pieces.

This is a small sampling of our products, to view all of our products and our darker stain option, extra gnarly option, pine option and custom options, go to our

Online PDF Catalogs.